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Last Updated ( September 3, 2016 )


All teams must register online no later than September 24th.
The league fee, (TBD) must be paid no later than September 26th at the AGM meeting in the Coca-Cola Center, upstairs KMSC room at 7:00Pm

Once registration is complete the league executive will be confirming each individual team's gplvl account and password. This account can be used to view all restricted areas on the site including team contacts and individuals looking for a team. It will also be required to enter the weekly stats once play begins.
Let's have a great 2017-2018 season and let the registration begin!

Registration Forms and Listings

Team Registration Form
Team Contact Registration Form
Team Listing
Team Contact Listing


Stats Entry

Weekly Stats Entry

First Half Point Standings
Second Half Point Standings
Overall Point Standings
Breaking Ties

Team Tie Breaker Procedure
Four Team Tie Breaker Form

Last Updated ( September 3, 2016 )


Team Contacts

Team Contact Listing
Team Contact Registration Form

New Players

Looking for a Team?
Looking for a Player?


2015-16 Schedules

Season Schedule
Week 1 Tier Placements

2015-16 Tournament

Tournament Draw
Tournament Format

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