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The 2019-20 volleyball season will be underway soon with game play beginning Monday September 30th, 2019. Have fun everyone!

This year's executives are as follows:
Reagan Doerksen - President
Pam Rintoul - Vice President
Muranne Haight - Treasurer
Crystal Sitek - Secretary


Stats can be entered on the Stats Entry Form
no later than noon following the day of play.
Send an email to WebAdmin if you have any issues


To see what tier your team is currently in visit
Weekly Team Placements
(for assistance see the Tier Placement Example)
To see where your team ranks in the league visit
Point Standings


All gyms are available from
7:00 PM to 10:00 PM except
Composite High Large which is
available from 7:30 PM to 10:30 PM.

Gym Facility Locations:

Aspen Grove9720 63 AvenueGrande Prairie AB T8W1K3
GP Christian School8202 110 StreetGrande Prairie AB T8W1M3
IV Macklin8876 108 AvenueGrande Prairie AB T8X1N7
Mother Teresa7501 Willow DriveGrande Prairie AB T8X0H7
Harry Balfour10815 104 StreetGrande Prairie AB T8V6R2
Crystal Park School9351 116 AvenueGrande Prairie AB T8V6L5
Derek Taylor7321 104A StreetGrande Prairie AB T8W0E9
Maude Clifford9206 Lakeland DriveGrande Prairie AB T8X0J4
Composite High School11202 104 StreetGrande Prairie AB T8V2Z1
Montrose High School6431 98 StreetGrande Prairie AB T8W2H3
Kateri Mission 7906 Mission Heights DriveGrande Prairie AB T8W1H3
Holy Cross 11011 90 StreetGrande Prairie AB T8X1J7
Peace Wapiti Academy11410 104 StreetGrande Prairie AB T8V2Z1
St. Joseph's10520 68 AvenueGrande Prairie AB T8W2P1
St. Gerard9724 88 AvenueGrande Prairie AB T8V0B7
Clairmont Community School10407 - 97 StreetClairmont AB T0H0W4
Sexsmith Secondary9401 - 99 Ave.Sexsmith AB T0H3C0


All teams must register online no later than September 25th 2019.
The league fees, (TBD) must be paid no later than at the AGM meeting before the start of the season.

Once registration is complete the league executive will be confirming each individual team's gplvl account and password. This account can be used to view all restricted areas on the site including team contacts and individuals looking for a team. It will also be required to enter the weekly stats once play begins.
Let's have a great 2019-2020 season and let the registration begin!

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League Bylaws

2019-2020 League Rules
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Official Volleyball Rules

Four Team Play Rules - Tier 6
2009-2012 Rules of the Game


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2019-2020 Schedules

2019-2020 Schedule Part 1


Year-End Tournament - March 20-21/2020

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City of Grande Prairie

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Weekly Team Placements
Overall Point Standings
First Half Point Standings
Second Half Point Standings
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2019/20 Annual General Meeting
Date: Sept 25/2019
Location:Coke Center at 7:00 pm KMSC room.

Year-End Tourney
The year-end tournament will be held on March 20/21 2020
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